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RP-169 Automatic Tea Bag Inner And Outer Packing Machine

RP-169 automatic tea bag inner and outer packing machine is suitable for the non-returnable packaging of the inner and outer bag of small particulate materials, such as: tea, herbal tea, health tea grass-root type and so on. Continuous pull film movement ,Simple structure, Economical and practical. Lean machine concept enables cost-effective production.

Model RP-169
Bag style Three-si
Standard capacity 30-40bags/min
Size of Bag Inner bag: Width: 45-80mm Length: 50-70mm

Outter bag: Width: 75-95mmLength: 80-120mm

Measuring Scope 3-10g (1.6 -26ml)
Packaging Material Thread, filter paper, aluminium laminated films
Gas Source ≥0.4m / min.
Total Power 3.7 KW
Outer Dimensions (appr .) 1750 *740*1 950mm
Weight (appr .) 500kg
Power Supply (optional) 220V /50Hz
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