Project Description

Liquid and Paste Filling & Label Machines

RP-2000 Labeling Machine

This model is used for labeling container on top surface or side surface (please indicate when order)

Model RP2000
Power Supply 1P 220V 50/60HZ 100W
Air Pressure 2-5kg/cm2
Applicable Container Range L(20-300)mmxW(15-120)mm, customizable for
Special Requirement
Applicable Material Adhesive Sticker
Applicable Label Range L(15-300)Mmxh(10-120)Mm(>120mm, Need Written Notice), Customizable For Special Requirement
Space Between Labels ≥3mm
Label Scroll Inner dia ¢76mm, Outer dia ¢280mm
Direction Of Label Scroll Clockwise
Labeling Speed 15m/min
Labeling Precision < ±2mm(except container error
Machine Dimension L700mmxW700mmxH1650mm
Machine Weight 150Kg