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RP-10 Tea Bag With Thread Packing Machine

RP-10 Tea bag with thread packing machine is suitable for packing of steeping products autoatically. Such as broken tea, medicinal tea, coffee, plant minced. All the works of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting can be done automatically, at the same time, wearing and cutting the thread.

Model RP-10
Bag Style Three-Side Sealing
Standard Capacity 30-60 bags/min
Size Of Bag Width: 45-80mm Length: 50-80mm
Measuring Scope 1 – 10 g(0.6 – 26 ml)
Packaging Material Filter Paper, Thread
Total Power 1.6 KW
Outer Dimensions (appr.) 900*750*1750mm
Weight (appr.) 350kg
Power Supply AC220V/ 50Hz