Project Description

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine
RP-5040a (Sleeve Wrapper) & Rp-5040a (Tunnel)

Soft start/stop, turntable automatic home position, easy operation, Optoelectronic switch that automatically measure the height of goods, adopt the Europe technology for anti-tension, confirm the speed of lifting motor.

Power voltage 1/3 P,AC 220/380V,50/60 HZ
Turntable Speed 0~10 prm
Turntable Dia. Φ 1500mm
Mast height H2400mm
Packaging material: width≤500 mm,out dia. ≤Φ280 mmLLDPE
capacity: 1500kg
Max  height 2000 mm
optional attached: ①.Ramp
Noise : ≤75 DB
Surrounding: Humidity ≤98%temperature -10℃~40℃
Lubricating material: Common lubricating grease