Mr. Sheikh Khajoo Bhai (Late) was founder of M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company, They established their company in 1952. With limited capital even they invest limited capital in business, because they have very good repute and strong business relation in their own business community, with their best confidence they started as General Item supplier, after many attainments they re-organize their firm in 1970.

In 1972, the company install up to date machine and take on modern technology to create best quality color full PLASTIC BAILING HOOPS (PP Strap) first time in Pakistan, as a result M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company name is the pioneer in Plastic Bailing Hoops before that just IRON HOOPS recognized in Pakistani Market. M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company market every corner of Pakistan and use all efforts to replace IRON into PLASTIC and they got success in their goal.

We install another two plants one for coverage the industrial area of Punjab province and NWFP. In this era M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company production was 2500 Tons per year, we hold 90% share of local market.

In 1985, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company again took step first and introduces AUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINE, to trim down the packing cost up to 50% in Pakistan. Above machine is very fast and equipped with computerized touch panel with international standard therefore every volume of business appreciate this machine and get benefit in their businesses to save time and money as well.

In 1995, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company take step ahead in packaging industry and introduce another machine CASE SEALING MACHINE for sticking tape automatically on carton top and bottom, in “U” shape for efficient sticking, this machine meet all international standard and also very speedy thus became hot cake specially for exporters.

In 1997, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company again introduce SELF ADHESIVE TAPE in Pakistan with two different brand “ROYAL PACK” and another one “SKBCO” with Solvent and Acrylic water base in many different range, Import from Taiwan.

In 1999, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company introduces SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINE for shrinking cartons and individually items according to the international stander of packing.

In 2000, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company introduces SHRINKABLE FILM from “France”. It is very famous by the name of BOLPHANE SHRINKABLE FILM in local market. BOLPHANE shrinkable film provides high-class width, Maximum Tension straight and minimum haze.

In 2001, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company introduce another best quality SELF ADHESIVE TAPE base on NATURAL RUBBER & HOT MELT BASE in PACKER & EURO BRAND import from tape manufacturing leading company from GREECE.

M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company always tries to introduce best performance machines in Pakistan, which complete the need of current technology, and we are proud to participate to develop industrial packing system on international standard

In 2003, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company introduce ORBITAL WRAPPING MACHINE for wrap-up your product for unlimited length in the shape of carton or bunch, suitable for Fabric Roll, Denim Roll, Carpets, Plastic Roll, Leather Roll, and many other products like Pipes Bunch, Aluminum Bunch, Wooden Bars, Glass Products all type of cloths roll, and lengthy and massive products this machine import from FRANCE.

And Alhamd-U-Lillah finally in this year 2004 M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company become manufacturer of PALLET STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE” this machine 100% made in Pakistan, and fruit of our 52 years efforts as well as our proud. This machine fully automatic and base on touch system and capable 2000 KGs load.

Within same era we also introduce BATTERY POWERED MANUAL TOOL FOR PLASTIC STRAPPING, this is 100% portable handy machine specially design for unreachable areas for other automatic strapping machine.

For small home use or small businesses M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company introduce HANDYIWRAP tool this is lightweight and 100% manual and easy to use

n the light of above, M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company completed very successfully his golden jubilee and grab almost 90% market in Pakistan. And become a landmark in packaging industry. Now M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company import a variety of automatic packing machines and material from many different countries like TIWAN, CHAINA, FRANCE, GERMANY and others.

Now M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company is operational in Karachi, Lahore, and Multan with more then 3 manufacturing Unites. M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company major manufacturing item is Plastic Strip, which is use in all kind of business.

M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company is belong to Packaging Industries therefore we are involve all kind of business sector from local market to Import or whole seller to retailer from different location in Pakistan M/S Sheikh Khajoo Bhai & Company’s early turn over more then 60 million from Import and manufacturing

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